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youth program

ProFound Fitness brings fitness to the community through functional fitness and mixed martial arts. We are the first in the state of Colorado to modify fitness programs and martial arts for all people in the community, no matter the needs or disability. Helping people with ambulatory issues, muscular problems like; Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, and much more.

Restorative fitness is another great service that we provided. This program is designed to make everyday living more easy. By providing proper training on technique and modifications for injuries while exercising. This program is designed to modify for each individual, but within and group atmosphere.

Our mixed martial arts youth program is taught by professional martial artist. They have the opportunity to interact with their peers, learn self defense, earn a ranking within our martial arts system, and build confidence.

ProFounds Kickboxing program helps build true kickboxing and Muay Thai technique and skills. We also offer personal training with a certified personal trainer and professional athlete.

Personal Training

Working with an experienced and certified personal trainer is key to your success, providing you motivation, accountability, and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

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Youth Services

We teach real life situations and how to control them before and altercation occurs. We also equip your child with the ability to defend themselves, from standing to ground fighting.

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Special Needs Program

Each individuals needs are met in a group atmosphere. We also teach basic martial arts in the program, given a basic understanding of kickboxing and boxing.

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How to Get Started

Schedule a Free 1-on-1, 30 Minute Goal and Fitness Assessment!

For new clients, we offer a free introduction to the gym and coaches, as well as the chance to talk about your fitness and martial arts goals in a one-on-one setting.

This gives the coach or trainer the opportunity to understand what you are looking for, meet the trainer before starting, discuss your fitness goals, health concerns, martial arts goals and formulate a plan to help you succeed.

This is a free consultation and will help us further your success.


"After seeing the changes that Diana helped me make in my life, I quickly asked her to train my four children. While all of my kids have benefited from their work with Diana, the most is my daughter, Jessica, she also happens to have Down Syndrome. When Jessica started with Diana 5 years ago, she was insecure, unhealthy, and over weight. Today, she is 20lb lighter, Jessica is confident, strong, healthy young women today. Diana has given Jessica the confidence to walk into a room and demand attention."

  • Stacey Jolly

"I'm an old runner, with a bad knee and a desk job. Not the best recipe for middle age. It seemed I was headed for early knee replacement surgery and a lifetime of blood pressure pills, a token from my dad's side of the family. Now I'm a new version of myself. Thanks to Diana I can run, kick, knee, and box. I am on half the pills I used take and half the size. Diana gave me the tools and training to save my knee, and the confidence to save my life. Thanks coach"

  • Mary Ann L.

"When we started with Diana we're in pretty bad shape, with low energy levels and over weight. Diana put us on a good program and motivated us to work hard. Today we are in much better shape and feel great. She is hands down the best personal trainer we've ever worked with."

  • David and Ruth Mallory

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Come meet with us in person and we'll talk about your fitness goals! 🙂