Brain Attack Survival with Fitness

Being a personal trainer I have the privilege of working with many people and helping them recover from various issues like injuries and have helped them coupe with many disease through fitness.  I'd have to say my stroke survivors are true fighters. The amount of patience and trust it takes to get the abilities back that have been lost from a very debilitating brain attack can be very challenging. I currently have three stroke survivors as clients; in this blog you will get the opportunity to read some of the fantastic changes they have achieved through fitness.

Gary 85'ish severe stroke survivor: Many times Gary has heard "you should not be alive." He was told by the doctor and physical therapist he hit a "plateau." Gary and I have been working together for years, I was his boxing coach and personal trainer prior to his stroke. I was heartbroken when told medical professionals gave up on him, so I started working with him again; I knew we could make progress together. He has made more improvements then one blog can describe. So I will share the most life changing recoveries. His cognitive has improved tremendously. His speech improved, response time reacted more quickly, left to right movement and strength improved. Giving him some of his life back. Fitness has given him the ability to stay home one his own, without worry of injury. Focus and adapted fitness made his daily task more easy, like dressing and using the restroom. Most of all his family finds comfort in his ability to care for his self again. He is now told by doctors "what are you doing that is making you so strong, you shouldn't be able to do this anymore, and keep doing what you are doing!" He no longer needs to see his neurologist because of these and many other improvements.

Diane 85'ish stroke survivor: Within 3 months theses are the changes both Diane and her family noticed. Diane came to me on recommendation because of my ability to adapt fitness. She was having difficulty walking and getting in and out of her vehicle. Within 3 months she expressed getting in and out of her vehicle was no longer difficult. Her leg became strong enough to lift. Diane's family noticed her speech improving and her grandson told her she was becoming stronger when helping her down the stairs. I personally noticed her mobility and cognitive improved. Her right to left movement started working together and ability to stand for long periods of time improved.

Julie 39 stroke survivor: Julie experienced her stroke at a very young age. She has made dramatic improvements with adapted fitness. Her right arm could not catch up with her left. Now her left arm is the "weaker" of the arms, which is great considering she is a right dominate. She has noticed improvements in her memory. Her cognitive and strength have increased dramatically. Her body has a great want to do what it once did; with proper adaptive fitness and support the sky is the limit.

Our body has the most incredible ability to adapt and achieve, we can't give up on ourselves after trauma. Muscle memory is an amazing thing, your body wants to do what it once was able to. Have patience with the process and find properly trained professionals that can help with your journey. The human body is an amazing machine. Remember we are here for you at ProFound Fitness.

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Gary Hitting the Bag
Gary Hitting the Bag

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