Why children benefit from Martial Arts

Children benefit from martial arts for many reasons. I have been fortunate enough to work with children my entire adult life. Watching the magic that comes from martial arts is like nothing I've witnessed. The confidence and discipline it creates; not to mention self defense.

Martial Arts & Confidence: Children build confidence with continued growth in their ability and body awareness. Martial arts allows them to interact with peers and a group of children that support and grow with them. Learning usable martial arts creates the ability to properly defend themselves. Knowing we can defend ourselves can bring much relief; especially when it comes to bullying.

Self-Defense: Bullying happens, it's important your child is learning usable martial arts. Meaning they should be able to handle situations standing and on the ground. You want your child to hold confidence in what is being taught; we never know when a issue may arise. We have personally had children need to defend themselves; when they spoke about it they were surprised and happy what they are learning works and they could control a situation.

Discipline: Creating routine with a martial arts program allows children to experience, see and feel the benefits of consistent applied work. They learn what accountability and being present is through their ranking and weekly classes; experiencing the importance of listening and applying. Let your child give martial arts a try. Look for a program that has Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and MMA (mixed martial arts).

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